Dozens Of Students Plunge Into Lake As Pier Collapses In US

People who were present there said they were shocked to see what happened.

Dozens of university students plunged into a lake near their campus in the United States when a pier collapsed beneath them. The dramatic footage of the incident on Labour Day Monday afternoon has gone viral on social media. According to ABC News, the pier was holding 60-80 students who suddenly went into the water. Quoting UW-Madison Police Department, the outlet further said that 25 people were injured in the pier collapse. The footage shows the pier collapsing in one spot and others falling like a line of dominoes.

The Madison Fire Department sent a team to Lake Mendota after receiving information about the pier collapse.

The team searched the underwater area where the collapse happened and confirmed that no one was trapped or had drowned, ABC News further said.

People who were present there said they were shocked to see what happened.

“I turned to this one girl, and we were like, ‘Oh my God. Did that really just happen?'” a student Gabrielle Willbrandt told WMTV. She was one of the many standing on the pier when it went down.

“Me and my friend who I was swimming with heard a big noise, and the whole dock was collapsing,” another student Nicole Mitchell told a local outlet.

She added that students swam back to shore while holding their phones out of the water.

The pier was supposed to be removed for the season Tuesday, New York Post said in its report.

An investigation has been launched to determine what led to the collapse of the pier.

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