Turkiye: United States sanctions 150+ businesses and persons from foe Russia to Nato member Turkiye

The US said Thursday that it was sanctioning more than 150 businesses and people from Russia to Turkiye, the UAE and Georgia to try to crack down on evasion and deny the Kremlin access to technology, money and financial channels that fuel Russian president Vladimir Putin‘s war in Ukraine. The sanctions package is one of the biggest by the state and treasury departments and is the latest to target people and companies in countries, notably in Nato member Turkiye, that sell Western technology to Russia that could be used to bolster its war effort.
The package also aims to hobble the development of Russia’s energy sector and future sources of cash, including Arctic natural gas projects, as well as mining and factories producing and repairing Russian weapons. “The purpose of the action is to restrict Russia’s defence production capacity and to reduce the liquidity it has to pay for its war,” James O’Brien, head of the state department’s office of Sanctions Coordination, said.
Both Turkiye and the UAE have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but have not joined Western sanctions and sought to maintain ties with Russia. The action was taken at a delicate moment for US-Turkiye relations, with Washington hoping Ankara will ratify Nato membership for Sweden when the Turkish parliament reconvenes in October. There was no immediate comment from the Turkish government.
Meanwhile, Russia declared two US diplomats “persona non grata” and ordered them to leave the country within a week as they were allegedly involved in “illegal activity.”

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