IPQA Interview Question Quiz 2

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IPQA Interview Question Quiz 2

In Process Quality Assurance, IPQA is very important in any manufacturing of pharmaceutical Industries, primary role is to ensure that the manufacturing process adheres to cGMP guidelines and follows the approved standard operating procedures. also, review batch records and documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness. The Main Objective of IPQA is to maintain product quality and ensure that all finished products meet the required specifications

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Question 1: What type of documentation does an IPQA officer review to ensure accuracy and completeness of BMR?

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Question 2: What does an IPQA officer do when a manufacturing process is out of control?

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Question 3: How does an IPQA officer stay updated on the latest industry regulations and guidelines?

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Question 4: What is the purpose of conducting risk assessments in IPQA activities?

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Question 5: What is the primary goal of IPQA activities during the manufacturing process?

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Question 6: What are the consequences of non-compliance with cGMP guidelines during manufacturing?

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Question 7: What is the purpose of conducting routine inspections on the manufacturing floor?

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Question 8: How does an QA officer handle deviations and non-conformances in the manufacturing process?

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Question 9 : What are In process checks?

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Question 10 : Which class of Area is Required for Tablets and Capsule Manufacturing?

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